Wissen [ˈvɪsn] means "knowledge." Getting your ideas funded is our business.




We improve your chances of winning grants by strategizing, conceptualizing, and helping you write convincing grant proposals.

What We Do:

WISSEN determines objectives, researches strategic priorities, targets funding opportunities with federal and foundation grants or donors, helps you engage with potential partners, and builds your relationships with program officers. We help clients prepare grant narratives with the aim of enriching the project’s scope and vision from a 30,000 ft. view and from a 3 mm view. Developmental editors and copyeditors polish the final product. We produce perfect deliverables — all you have to do is press “submit.” Along the way, the client will discover campus strengths and challenges and faculty will learn how to position in themselves in ways to be PI-ready.

How We Do It:

WISSEN asks the right questions to foresee your challenges. We communicate by listening to clients’ needs and by clearly explaining the grant process. Our staff thoroughly researches background material to support clients’ projects and forges relationships with program officers. Our writers write with passion and dedication, translating your ideas into cogent, convincing grant deliverables that are geared toward funding success.