Consultants Making Grant Ideas Come Alive

WISSEN is pronounced "vissen" and means "knowledge"




WISSEN writes your story in a clear, concise manner that broadens your team’s vision and engages potential funders. WISSEN then brings your story to life through project and/or post-award management.

What We Do:

Determine objectives, research strategic priorities, target funding opportunities with federal and foundation grants or donors, engage with potential partners, write, edit, and review proposals, and mange your project.

How We Do It:

Your story could be anything: The need for a dental health clinic, a new program in STEM, interdisciplinary connections with the humanities, or a vision of public art. We ask the right questions to foresee your challenges. We communicate by listening to clients’ needs, thoroughly researching background material to support clients’ projects, forging relationships with program officers, and translating ideas into cogent, convincing products that are geared toward success.