Who We Are

WISSEN works with consultants who have earned the highest academic degrees in their fields–and who have had extensive writing and project management experience.

Natasha Goldman, PhD, is of President of WISSEN, Inc. and Research Associate at Bowdoin College. She is a higher education consultant, published scholar, and federal grant winner. She lives and works in Brookline, MA. She earned her doctorate from the University of Rochester (Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, Department of Art and Art History) in 2002.

Natasha started in the grants world back in the late 80s, during her college years, when she was the grants intern in the Francis Sterling Honors Program at Syracuse University. After college, she chose an academic path, and was a professor for seventeen years, teaching art history and visual culture at a range of institutions, from small, elite, liberal arts colleges to large, public and private universities. Her research has been funded by the Fulbright-Hays, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Carnegie Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution, the DFG – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – Graduiertenkolleg (German Research Association), and the National Endowment of the Humanities.

She began cutting her teeth with a large corporate grants firm in 2014 and founded WISSEN in 2018. Natasha loves helping clients formulate grant projects and strategize their campus priorities. Among others, she has won NSF, NEH, DOJ, Fulbright, and foundation awards for her clients.

Her book, Memory Passages: Holocaust Memorials in the United States and Germany, was published by Temple University Press (2020). She is a 2018 and 2020 awardee, along with co-director Page Herrlinger, of an NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers on the topic of “Teaching the Holocaust through Visual Culture” (https://courses.bowdoin.edu/teaching-the-holocaust-through-visual-culture/). For more about Natasha’s academic work, please visit: https://www.bowdoin.edu/profiles/faculty/nhomann/. .edu/profiles/faculty/nhomann/. She still actively presents at conferences, gives lectures, and leads discussions about art and fascism in colleges and public schools.


To fulfill our clients’ needs, WISSEN works with consultants who have PhDs and MAs from Harvard University, University of Chicago, Tufts University, University of North Carolina, University of Rochester, and Oxford University, among others. WISSEN belongs to the Grants Professionals Association and therefore has access to the most extensive network of grants professionals in the US–but we don’t stop there. In addition, we reach out to professionals who work in specific industries and disciplines to seek experts who are cutting edge in their fields. They specialize in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, law, and humanities and play various roles in the consulting process. We work hard to find the right fit for your project and prize integrity; excellent research skills; clear and transparent communication skills; flexibility of mind; and creative thinking.

The Name

Wissen means “knowledge” in German. Natasha spent three years in Germany: one year on a Fulbright and another two years on a fellowship at the University of Hamburg. It’s safe to say that the experience changed her life both personally and professionally. The Fulbright Commission wishes for its fellows to act as “ambassadors” to their host country. Natasha fell in love with Germany in more than ways than one (her children are half German!).

Conveniently, the word is also an acronym for the company’s pursuits:








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