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Training is scaffolded and tailored to your needs. With decades of experience teaching college students and adults, we offer workshops that aim to create a grants culture at your institution–and that will result in more applications submitted and a higher win rate. The workshops harness your ideas and innovations and demonstrate how your team can create capacity to win grants. Our workshops are fun, lively, interactive, and bring results: when institutions know how to write grants they tend to win grants. Workshops are virtual, one-hour, and work best with about 16 people. On site workshops are available upon request.

Grants 101: Grant Fundamentals.

This workshop will build the foundation of your grants knowledge by focusing on key terminology and explaining how to find appropriate funders.

Grants 102: The Five Essential Elements of Every Grant Application

Every grant application will ask you five key questions. But those questions are not always easy to find, especially when you are faced with an 80-page grant solicitation. In this workshop, you’ll learn what those five elements are – and where to find them in a grant solicitation.

Grants 103: What Funders Really Want

Winning funding helps our projects become a reality. But how do we balance what we want versus what the funder wants? In this workshop, we will read through both grant applications that federal agencies funded—and applications were not funded. After a game of “Which One Won?” we will read through some federal RFPs and brainstorm how to turn your project into one that meets funder expectations.

Grants 104: Don’t Be Afraid of Number: Crafting Convincing Budgets

Budgets can be tricky and intimidating. However, most grant applications want the same basic budget line information. We will review these line items and brainstorm ways to estimate—and then firm up—budget amounts. We will also discuss “budget to actuals.”  

Grants 105: Making Logic Models Work for You!

Appropriate participants include: faculty, staff involved with student services, and staff involved in uploading applications/post award reporting.

Logic models are sometimes required by grant applications—and sometimes they are useful tools to create even if a funder does not require them. But not everyone thinks in terms of graphs and flowcharts. What are “inputs,” “outputs,” “goals,” and “objectives”? We will examine each of these in turn so as to help you create a strong project—and take away the mystery of the logic model.

Other Topics: WISSEN will create custom workshops for your institution, including training on specific grant opportunities. Just ask!

Prices for the Workshops & Webinars package are dependent on client size and number of participants.

Please reach out for more information: ngoldman@natashagoldman.com.

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