WISSEN wins. One client recently said, “we’re afraid to work with you because we know we’ll win again.” Imagine — too much winning?!! With over $29M in wins in 2022 alone, WISSEN has expertise in workforce development, capital projects, natural sciences, humanities, allied health, construction, clean energy, child care — and so much more.

WISSEN works exclusively with writers and project managers who have earned the highest degrees in their fields and have proven success in writing their own—as well as their clients’—grant applications.

WISSEN is virtual, thereby bringing down costs. In today’s world, the latest technology allows us to “meet”—without the additional costs of hotels and flights—using online platforms with proven business success.

WISSEN is about building relationships, foreseeing and addressing your needs, and placing clients in a position for success. WISSEN loves to think and write, and realizing your projects is our business.