Services & ROI

WISSEN’s services guide you on a path to success.

All  services are performed by individuals who have earned at least an MA and who have higher education and/or grants experience. Our data show that clients who sign up for all services have the greatest degree of success. That said, WISSEN offers the “Workshops and Webinars” service to any client as a stand-alone service.

Organizational Consulting

We interview your stakeholders to discern challenges and strengths. Using our deep knowledge of evidence-based research, we suggest ways to strengthen your programs and services. Learn more.

Workshops and Webinars

*NEW* WISSEN offers a suite of live workshops that are tailored to your needs. We aim to give you the tools you need to write strong grant applications by offering workshops on: 1) the five essential elements of every grant application; 2) how to search for funders, 3) how to read RFPs, 4) how to understand logic models, and 5) how to design convincing budgets. Clients may contract for workshops without contracting for grant writing services. Workshops are tailored to serve individual clients as well as professional associations. Learn more.

Grants Consulting

Through a process of conversations, questions, and research, WISSEN learns about your projects and needs, and then mines our WISSEN grant databases to find opportunities that will fit your institution. We then match your projects to appropriate funders. Every grant narrative tells a story: what you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you will do it. But the content of the story matters as much as how you tell your story–and that involves knowing and understanding how to employ best practices for what we call “grant language.” We have developed a formula for grant language that brings in wins. Learn more.

Grant Writing for Individual Faculty and Researchers

Sometimes a client (whether an individual faculty member or an institution) just wants help with a single application. We do that, too! Contact to learn more.

Return on Investment

Everyone wants to win — and WISSEN tends to win. But there are other reasons to engage in WISSEN services. Clients report that individuals feel mentored; that employees learn how to make their programs stronger and more successful; and that staff are better equipped to think through not only grant projects — but all programs in which they work. WISSEN belongs to professional organizations with thousands of grants professionals and discipline-specific scholars. We leverage that membership to carefully choose consultants who are specialists, know how to listen, are excellent communicators, have deep respect for clients’ work, and who have flexible mindsets. When you bring on WISSEN you bring on a team that wants you to succeed — and will guide you through the process of pinpointing and building on strengths, addressing challenges, forming grant projects, finding suitable funders, and writing grant applications. In German, wissen means knowledge. We are here to get your knowledge funded.



WISSEN aims to fit your team’s needs and your project’s parameters. By providing virtual services, WISSEN is able to keep rates extremely competitive.


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