WISSEN serves institutions of higher education and other non-profits. WISSEN:

  • Writes an institutional overview report that summarizes challenges and successes on campus
  • Suggests ways that programs that can be improved
  • Prioritizes and targets federal and foundation grants
  • Acts as a thought partner on grant applications
  • Writes grant narratives
  • Offers developmental editing and coaching for those clients who wish to write narratives themselves
  • Offers workshops and webinars

All  services are performed by individuals who have earned at least an MA and who have higher education and/or grants experience.

Targeting Funders

Through a process of conversations, questions, and research, WISSEN learns about your projects and needs, and then explains and recommends funding opportunities that will fit your institution. Digital or on-site presentations are available.

Grant Writing

Scholars, administrators, and business owners are busy people. We work with you to create a convincing project that will be attractive to funding agencies. WISSEN asks the right questions to expand the vision of the project, creates nuance in the details that support that vision, and writes the actual narrative. WISSEN communicates and clarifies grant goals and suggests appropriate language and project parameters. WISSEN works with experienced developmental editors on final submissions.

Grant Coaching

Perhaps you are a scholar or administrator who really likes the idea of writing, but you are not sure how to go about addressing all of the project guidelines. WISSEN coaches you through the process by setting up achievable deadlines, asks the right questions that will help you define your project, and suggests convincing wording.

Grant Developmental Editing

Sometimes a client would like to write the text, and have a scholar in their field read the text, comment on it, and suggest changes. A developmental edit involves suggesting the order of ideas, changing syntax, asking questions, and providing alternative wording.

Grant Copy-editing

Even the greatest of writers needs an editor! Whether WISSEN or the client writes the text, WISSEN provides professional copy-editing services. A text free of errors is a must—clear writing allows your audience to get directly to the substance of your proposal.

Grant Budgets and Budget Justifications

Budgets can be confusing. Tell us your needs and your numbers, and we will create the formulas.

Grant Follow-up Reporting

Many times, projects require follow-up reporting. Give us the data, and we will write up the follow-up reports.

Workshops and Webinars

WISSEN will come to you for one-day grant writers’ workshop. Do you have a project, but you’re not sure which grant will fit your project? Have you targeted a grant, but are feeling overwhelmed by the details? WISSEN will help you target grants and will set you on your way to successful grant applications. Don’t just write grants–learn how to craft them by thoroughly assessing your needs and leveraging your strengths.

Services for ESL Clients

It can be difficult to prepare texts in a language that is not your native language. WISSEN helps academic ESL clients with tenure packages and preparing articles for publication.

Management of Public Art Commissions

Make your building different than anyone else’s. A commission of an original work of defines your building and makes it unique. Included is research related to project and potential artists, call for entries, guidance throughout selection process, budget management, presentations, and press releases.



WISSEN aims to fit your team’s needs and your project’s parameters. By providing virtual services, WISSEN is able to keep rates extremely competitive.


To contact WISSEN: