Organizational Consulting

Interviews: We conduct intensive interviews with your employees and leadership so as to identify strengths and challenges at your institution. During these interviews, we make suggestions, based on evidence-based research, of ways to build on strengths and address challenges. In the course of those conversations, potentially fundable grant projects emerge.

Institutional Overview Report (IOR): The IOR summarizes findings–including fundable grant projects. The IOR can be used for the purposes of strategic planning as well as for strategic grant planning. We present the IOR recommendations to your leadership and/or board, who decide on which projects we will focus our grants efforts.

Targeting Grant Funders: Following leadership’s priorities, we match leadership’s priority projects to funders by researching our own databases, myriad online sources, and conversations with program officers. WISSEN keeps a robust database of past RFPs, thereby ensuring that you can get started on your federal grants before the official federal RFP release, giving you more time for a robust application. WISSEN receives all announcements from the funding agencies and keeps abreast with developments and new agency initiatives.

Grants Calendar: A grants calendar includes targeted funders, recommended start dates for writing the applications, and recommended upload dates. We then proceed to the Workshops & Webinars or Grants Writing phase, depending on client needs.

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