Need to renovate a museum or library, or buy software for your humanities collections? There’s a grant for you!

*NEW* NEH Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants

Do you have humanities collections or programs that need new buildings, software, or renovation? Perhaps a museum, a library, or an architectural gem with historical significance that needs renovation? If your institution is already doing fundraising for major programs to support the humanities–or plans to do such fundraising–this challenge grant might be for you.

This maximum $750,000 grant is to be matched by non-federal funds and can support your institution by strengthening the foundations of the humanities. Since the challenge portion is high (a $500,000 NEH request, for example, requires a $1.5 million non-federal match), this opportunity would be most appropriate for institutions already conducting fundraising, or those with a clear road map for doing such fundraising (due March 15). As this is a 10-page double-spaced narrative, we have the perfect amount of time to complete this application.

Grant activities include:

·        capital expenditures such as the design, purchase, construction, restoration or renovation of facilities and historic landscapes;

·        the purchase of equipment and software;

·        the documentation of cultural heritage materials that are lost or imperiled:

·        the sustaining of digital scholarly infrastructure;

·        the preservation and conservation of collections; and

·        the sharing of collections.

Please be in touch if you are interested in pursuing this grant opportunity!

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