Mosaic Commission

I’m delighted to be the project manager to commission a work of art for an exterior building facade in Lewiston, Maine. The building, the Hartley Block, is being constructed on a site close to where the artist Marsden Hartley, in the early twentieth century, had his studio. Lewiston is an old mill town and has a diverse population, boasting a large population of Somali refugees. In this new “arts district,” this mixed-income housing/retail block will help rejuvenate downtown, while providing affordable living options for residents who already live there. In order to find the best fit for this project, I am in the process of interviewing mosaic and tile artists and companies. Using my art history and grant-writing skills, I hope to secure extra funding for this project. Kudos to The Szanton Group for putting aside funds to beautify the facade of a building.

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