It’s time to apply: DOJ Reducing Sexual Violence on Campus: Now due 3/7/18

pexels-photo-273006.jpegDOJ Releases Grant for Reducing Sexual Violence on Campus. Revised guidelines, due 3/7, can be found here.

In the wake of #MeToo, this is a great year to get your campus faculty, staff, and students excited about and committed to reducing sexual violence on campus.This grant allows a campus to hire a Project Director to help coordinate training and advocacy on campus related to reducing sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking on campus. Seminars to target Greek Life? Check. Lunch and learns for helping students become friends to victims? Check. Visiting lectures by writers who work on the topic of sexual violence? Check. Training campus police to work with transgender victims? Check. There is a high rate of acceptance for these grants of $300,000 each. New this year are consortia projects. Due Feb. 22nd.

Wissen listens to your needs, suggests ideas, and writes the grant for you.

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