5 Tips for Success: EDA Tech Hubs Grant Opportunity

The EDA’s Regional Technology and Innovation Hub (Tech Hubs) Program will strengthen U.S. national and economic security by developing clusters of businesses, communities, colleges and universities, and workers focused on accelerating innovation and technology deployment throughout the country. The NOFO will drop end of April/beg. May. See EDA link in comments.

What you need:
1. industry partners
2. municipal partners
3. trainers
4. wraparound support
5. experienced grant writers who have won EDA’s Good Jobs Challenge

Tech Hubs, when it drops, will be similar to Good Jobs Challenge, which WISSEN helped win last year for City of Boston and over 100 employers, 5 trainers, and myriad wraparound support, for $23.5m).

#workforcedevelopment #municipalities National League of Cities #mayors #highereducationleadership

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