10 Things to Consider When Making Your Grants Calendar

It’s early in the year–and just the right time to make your grant application calendar. Setting yourself up for wins means knowing:

1. To which funders you will apply;
2. Who will be on your grant writing team;
3. Who will be on the project team, should the grant be funded;
4. When you should start writing the application;
5. When you should bring in your external evaluator;
6. What to include in your budget;
7. When to upload, which is not the same as . . .
8. The project deadline;
9. Who will write your application; and
10. Who will review your application.
WISSEN has won grants in workforce development, economic development, humanities, natural sciences, reducing sexual assault, apprenticeships, and healthcare – and I’m sure that I’m forgetting some. If you need a one-off application for a single set of services, you might be best served by hiring a grant writer. But if you are looking for strategy, vision, education, and a high rate of wins, look to a grants consulting firm. We have a 90-100% win rate with some clients.

We can help you set up the 10 key items for your successful grant calendar — and we can help you win.

WISSEN means knowledge – and we are here to get your programs funded.

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